Family showdown: Gosselins VS. Hayes

Twins, twins and sextuplets compared to twins and sextuplets? It’s not a question of numbers, but of how two similar-sized familes can be so different.

I’ve heard a lot of negativity about TLC’s new show, Table for 12, so I felt compelled to blog about it. 

Everyone is saying that Jon & Kate Plus 8 is sooo much better, and while I’m a huge Gosselin fan, I think the Hayes family is happier and more well-adjusted.
For example …
  1. The mom and dad do not fight in front of the kids — a refreshing change from Jon and Kate
  2. They live in a fairly small house — not like Jon and Kate’s new mansion (yes, mansion)
  3. One of their daughters has cerebral palsy, and they are so good with her
  4. They have two more kids than Jon & Kate, and yet seem to handle them much better
  5. They are constantly saying how they are grateful for the kids, and how wonderful it is to be a big family — whereas Kate likes to remind everyone that her life is a chaotic struggle
I can only hope that the Hayes family does not become as successful as the Gosselins, who seem to be falling apart as they “move up” financially and popularity-wise. The Hayes family is an inspiration just the way they are.

One Comment on “Family showdown: Gosselins VS. Hayes

  1. I know, I know. I am catching up on my blog reading and so you are getting comments galore this morning. Anyway, I used to love Jon&Kate but finally stopped watching it because watching people argue and bicker, and Kate's over the top OCD finally got to me. I just could not stand her anymore. It seems to have gone to their heads. I think I'll try the Reservations for 12 show now. I have missed watching the chaos of all the kids.


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