Saying no to stuff

I am that girl. You know, the one who keeps everything.

I find sentimental value in basically anything, so I have a really, really hard time getting rid of stuff. I have found sentimental value in graphic tees from American Eagle. That is probably the definition of crap, but yet, I kept them!

The good news? Every since I boarded the Baby Express, I have found myself willing to travel (through life) with LESS STUFF.

Thinking about fitting an extra human — and a ton of human gear — into our condo has freaked me out. The only solution seems to be getting rid of stuff, to free up space. So I have!
About a month ago, I did a major closet-clean, followed by the main bathroom cupboards, and a cleaning-out of the coat/shoe closet in the hall. I was ruthless, tossing jackets and shoes like I was trying to strip Chace Crawford (mmmm). 
My next step is the office/art room, and I’m dreading it. I’ve been creating a pile of junk — mostly Darling Husband’s crap, haha — in the corner that I need to sort and toss. And then I’m going to move on to the dreaded storage room.
I’m grateful that for the first time in my life, I feel able throw stuff away. It must be a good sign that I’m not clinging to junk, and being Miss Pack-Pat anymore. 
And, of course, it reduces the chances of Baby being misplaced under my giant stack of old Cosmo issues.

So what do you think?

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