Re-inventing date night

Since Darling Husband works most weekends, our weekly date night has always been Monday. Yeah, Monday — probably the least likeable of all seven days. But we make the best of it. 
Our favourite way to spend Monday evenings used to be going to a pub for a medley of bad-for-you goodies — nachos, potato skins, chicken wings, etc. Clearly we do not have sophisticated tastes …

We did this happily for years. But in the last few months, when we’ve been more conscious of getting healthy — and saving cash — we have only been once. We were spending $40ish dollars every time, and it was being spent on food that would eventually kill us — not exactly a win-win situation. 
Except for the fact that it was delicious.
So for the past few months, we have been staying home on Monday evenings. Fellow blogger Bryn Alexandra and her husband have been doing the same
We had just been making a regular dinner — chicken or whatever we had. It wasn’t a special meal, and it was kind of a depressing change from our usual dinner out.
Last night, it was almost summery-feeling, so we decided to barbeque. Darling Husband grilled burgers, I made roasted potatoes and a fancy salad, and we had chips and salsa to start. We put more effort into the meal than we normally would, and it turned out really well …

Much cheaper than dining out, definitely healthier than dining out, and we made it together. In order to keep Date Night feeling like a date, we need to go beyond re-heating something frozen. It needs to take effort. 
The meal looked so pretty that I enthusiastically suggested we eat outside on the deck. But Hubby reminded me that it was still Canada in April. 
Oh yeah.

4 Comments on “Re-inventing date night

  1. We are totally doing this kind of thing for date night now, and for us, its sort of the same, because neither of us loving being in a restraunt. The only problem is, after we eat, its back to the normal couch sitting routine. We definitely need to break out of that part of the slump.


  2. You should play UNO! … Oh God, that came out just as lame as it sounded in my head. But really, we do play it. Reason #8372 why we need KIDS since it is a childrens’ card game.


  3. This is definately a good tip! My hubby and I need to revamp our restaurant date nights as well—it’s so hard to do! I love your blog— I am in the same boat! Currently in the corporate world supporting my hubby in dental school….but hoping for a baby in the near future! I will be following you in your journey as well!


  4. Thanks for the nice comment, Cher! I just checked out your blog and it has amazing low-cost date suggestions — it’s giving me good ideas!


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