I could play with this for hours …

I am totally in love with the ICI Paints Color Visualization Tool. Thanks for the great suggestion, Newlyb!
Here are some possible combinations I came up with …

Option A: According to ICI Paint, it’s the “colour of the year.” Would be great for re-sale value, because it’s pretty neutral, but I’m not sure if it’s punchy enough for me …

Option B: I really like the brown/grey combination, but paired with our yet-to-be-purchased dark furniture, it might be too much …

Option C: I adore this pumpkin-y colour, and think it looks nice against the dark furniture. But is it too bold for potential buyers, down the the road?

2 Comments on “I could play with this for hours …

  1. Re-sale value is definitely an important consideration. Husband and I only really consider lighter colours for our walls because, as renters, we’ll have to paint it all back to white before we move out.


  2. Yeah, it’s definitely something to consider. As owners, we could try to sell the place as-is, but a really dark, bold colour might turn off some perspective buyers.


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