A touch of pink

Happy Friday, my beloved readers!
During our weekly stitch’n’bitch, dear L and I were uber-productive. I took a break from my baby quilts and bibbity bobbity bibs to work on a home-decor item.
On a whim, I decided wanted to create some new art for our shared my chocolate brown and white bathroom. I needed to cover up a very unsightly jacuzzi dial …

Two hours later, the whole wall was transformed … for free! Using an old wooden frame — which I painted pink — a canvas, some ribbon, gems, an angel figurine, and some wedding towels — lovingly arranged by L — we made this …

Once that wall was done, L and I were inspired to keep the renos going! I think it was a pink-and-chocolate-brown high. 

So I dug around in my crafty drawers, and found a make-your-own-nightlight kit that I bought ages ago and never used. A little chocolate brown leather — rescued from an old bag — and pink ribbon, and I had a new nightlight!

Eager to keep going, I grabbed some leftover Juicy Couture printed ribbon — which I saved after unwrapping my Christmas robe from Little Sis — and tied it around some matching towels by the tub.

Pink, hearts, ribbon, gems … it is a girly overload, and I adore it. Thank God Darling Husband has his own bathroom.


One Comment on “A touch of pink

  1. *UPDATE: When I went into the bathroom this morning, it was SO CHEERY to see the pretty pink art on the walls! Success!


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