Beary Cute Quilt: Steps 4, 5 & 6

OK, after another sorta-late night spend hunched over my trusty Singer, the Beary Cute Quilt is finished! 
You already read about the first few steps, so here’s how things wrapped up …
Step 4: I sewed the top-with-attached-ruffle to the back-with-attached-batting (looked pretty much the same as the pic from Step 3).
Step 5: Then, it one exuberant swoop, I machine-quilted just a couple of lines across the whole thing — in sort of a plaid pattern …

… and from the back … 

Step 6: The final step was hand-sewing a special label I picked up at the fabric store. So cute I can barely stand it! 

So cozy!

I think this will be my last quilt for a while. I’ve done a few now,  and I’m eager to move onto something new. 

Felt toys? Bibs? A diaper bag? A wipes container? Or maybe nursery art? The multi-tasker in me is having trouble picking just one!

So what do you think?

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