The airplane nursery

Darling Husband works in the airline industry, so it only makes sense that if we have a boy, we consider an airplane theme …

I really like the sponge-painted clouds. I did this treatment on my bedroom walls when I was 14 and very into the candles-and-angel-sculptures thing (inspired by the current fave movie, Romeo + Juliet). 

I love this quilted bedding. My mother-in-law is a fantastic quilter, and I’m sure she could do something like this.

I think it’s genuis how the pattern from the bedding is mirrored on the walls — with the clouds and the stitching. 

I think the yellow is essential, to keep the room from being “too blue.” I’m sure, with a boy, it’s natural to start throwing blue around like mad, but I’d want to balance it with plenty of white, yellow, and touches of red.

So what do you think?

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