Think bread instead

I have been cutting back on bread for years — ever since the low-carb kick really came on the scene and starting shrieking in its skinny jeans.

I mean, I L-O-V-E bread — and rolls, English muffins, anything in the delectable carb family. That was the problem. 
Since Darling Husband could plow through five slices of toast in one sitting, and I had an addiction to soft pan rolls with butter, we made a joint decision to stop buying it.
At first it seemed really weird, but we had gotten used to it. We ate eggs with turkey bacon, but no toast. We ate wraps instead of sandwiches. We made pancakes and muffins occassionally, but never caved and bought a loaf of bread.
In my recent pre-pregnancy reading, I have learned that bread is back! Well, apparently, it never left, when it comes to true nutrition.
Whole grain bread is very important for growing babies, so the book encourages women to eat “good” carbs (whole wheat pasta, bread, brown rice, etc) before trying to conceive and during pregnancy.
So on the weekend, we bought our first real loaf of bread in ages. It was some kind of crazy-healthy organic whole wheat, and it wasn’t bad. And it was definitely nice to have toast with my eggs again — some things are just meant for each other!

So what do you think?

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