How soon is too soon?

You know the expression “Make hay while the sun shines”? Well, shouldn’t that also apply to baby preparedness?

I am not pregnant, and have not even been pregnant, so I have no idea how sick/tired/generally crap I might feel when I am. WHAT IF … dramatic pause … I feel so blahhh that I don’t have enough energy to shop for stuff bebe will need? Horror!
Hmmm …
SO wouldn’t it make a bit of sense to begin stocking up now? You know, on those onesie things all the mommy bloggers rave about?
Sample list:

– Onesies
– Socks
– Um … burb cloths?
– Bibs?
You know, basics. So I can catch sales and stuff?
Or … is this just me, looking for an excuse to hit up the cutesy baby stores, like, a year too early? Hmm, not sure if this is practical or just weirdy. Might freak out Darling Husband …

2 Comments on “How soon is too soon?

  1. Darling Husband may have stroke. Maybe you could start by secretly hoarding baby craft supplies .. like items to put in a shadow box, perhaps? Or for a baby-themed scrapbook?


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