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The trouble with screen time

The trouble with screen time

I feel a huge amount of guilt over screen time lately. I try to stop obsessing over how much I wish things could be different. I wish they could be playing games and running around outside at day camp, but that’s not an option. I wish my husband’s schedule meant he could do fun activities with them while I worked, but it doesn’t. I wish it didn’t fall on me to provide or suggest ways for them to entertain themselves all day long, but it does.


We’re basically in a holding pattern this summer. We’re not as restricted as we were for nearly three long months, but we’re also not back in “real life.” Everything is different … and weird.

Dear Kids: Part I

You will have a special name for it now, as you read this. Was the “before” called Pre-Corona, maybe? BC and AC, for Before Corona and After Corona. Maybe just “pre-2020” or “pre-pandemic.” But when it started, we didn’t know our whole world would change. It was just … early March, 2020.