DIY felt Christmas tree ornaments

Some of my favourite Christmas ornaments are the soft felt ones sewed by my mom and her friend back when I was a baby. Every year, I marvel at their tiny little stitches and how they’re still in perfect condition after so many years. 

Meanwhile, most of our other ornaments look pretty rough. The plastic figurines have snapped-off limbs, the salt dough ornaments usually turn mushy after one season and we often smash a couple of bulbs at some point.

Since I love to sew, I decided to try making my own set of felt Christmas tree ornaments. It’s something I wish I’d done when my children were smaller, since felt ornaments are much safer for babies and toddlers. Nothing to crack or shatter! 

Felt is very inexpensive at craft stores and dollar stores and the only other supplies you’ll need are a pair of scissors, an embroidery needle, embroidery floss and a bit of cotton stuffing.

(You can buy stuffing, but I just cut open an old pillow I found in the very back of the linen closet.) 

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DIY Christmas scrapbooks

I’d been saying for years that I wanted to create dedicated Christmas scrapbooks.

You know, books that only contained a few pages per year and you could flip through every single family Christmas in one swoop.

I’d forgotten, apparently, that I stopped scrapbooking around the time my oldest child started crawling and never, ever picked it back up again. 

Still, I was determined! I wanted to flip through nine years of kids-on-Santa’s-lap-at-the-mall photos. That meant I had a lot of sorting to do, since I had to go back to Christmas 2010, when our oldest child was just six months old.

Our oldest is now nine years old and we’re about to celebrate our 10th Christmas as a family, so I had nine years’ worth of digital photos to sort through.

How did I create these DIY Christmas scrapbooks? How will I maintain them each year?

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DIY Christmas card display stand

While I love all things digital, there’s one old-fashioned tradition I refuse to budge on. Without fail, our family mails out beautiful cardstock Christmas cards at the beginning of December. 

Since our cards hit the mail nice and early, we receive a lot of cards back in return. At first, we tried hanging a long piece of ribbon across the doors that lead to our back deck and using red plastic clothespins to clip up the cards. It looked OK, except for the small detail that we couldn’t use the back door until January.

Last year’s solution was to hang the ribbon across the hutch in the dining room and display the cards that way, or just line them up along the top. But every time we’d open the back door to let the dog out, gusts of wind would send the cards flapping and usually falling to the floor.

This year, I was determined to come up with a better way to display our Christmas cards. I designed a wooden Christmas tree card stand that we could stand up on a table in our kitchen or on the floor in our living room — far away from doors and drafts. 

If you’re looking for a way to display your Christmas cards without an avalanche of them slipping off the front of your fridge, tipping off your entryway table or taking up space on your kitchen counter, here’s a rundown on how we created a DIY Christmas card tree …

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Continue reading in YULETIDE, a very special SaltWire custom publishing title …