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What not to say about Kate Spade

I didn’t want to write about suicide on my son’s eighth birthday. But then, I didn’t want to hear what I’ve been hearing, either. Kate Spade took her own life yesterday, and it seemed like everyone was talking about it. Suicide brings out the… Continue Reading “What not to say about Kate Spade”

When your husband’s (sort of) in labour

It’s strange watching your husband in the throes of a painful labour, but that’s sort of what happened to us yesterday. I knew the pain was bad when he woke up early in the afternoon, not long after going to sleep, after being at… Continue Reading “When your husband’s (sort of) in labour”

White teeth without a filter

*** The following post is sponsored conversation with Alliance Dental and the Alliance Dental Partner Program. As always, all opinions and vehicle selfies are my own. *** You know those whitening toothpaste commercials where they show the range of colours teeth can be? I always… Continue Reading “White teeth without a filter”

How our family celebrates Christmas Eve

Our family's Christmas Eve traditions {Heather's Handmade Life}

Ho, ho, ho! Today we’re talking about our family’s Christmas Eve traditions as part of the #MaritimeChristmas Blog Hop. Thanks to Heidi of Itsy Bitsy Haligonians for organizing it! Grab a handful of those addictive After 8 chocolate mint sticks (mmmm) and prepare to dive… Continue Reading “How our family celebrates Christmas Eve”

Early Christmas shopping hacks for parents

From organizing your list and getting “Santa confirmation” to joining Facebook co-op groups, here are five ways to make early Christmas shopping easier.