Weekly wrap-up: Old tables + new pants + secret spying


It was a busy weekend with SO. MUCH. FOOD. The prep work actually started Friday evening as I chopped onions (and crieddddd) and celery and “staled” (that’s a verb) three loaves of bread so I could cube it for stuffing.

(Rifle Paper Co. herb garden recipe tin*)

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner here on Saturday and it was delicious — thanks mostly to my mom, who promptly took over the actual cooking duties while I went thrifting. Woohoo!


I shared a post about my friend’s AWESOME table makeover, where I cut out the kitschy heart details and she repainted ’em like a BOSS.

I also shared a fun little video over on Facebook where I redid a pair of thrift shop pants for D — turning the too-big button-and-zipper waist into a stretchy, comfy waistband that will fit him much longer …


WEDNESDAY I confessed to SPYING at my kids’ school. It’s a fringe benefit of volunteering there once a week. I also talk about four other reasons why you REALLY should volunteer at school — even if it’s literally one hour a year.



I shared the (really, REALLY) easy tutorial for making this simple rainbow baby quilt. It’s just large squares and a few strips of plain white fabric, and I quilted the whole thing on my machine.

Adding her name made it extra-fancy, but that part was easy, too.

Oh, and over on Facebook I shared a photo of the breakfast I made for Darling Husband — including a story about the cute notes he used to write for me when I was suffering from extreme Baby Brain and couldn’t remember a damn thing.

And today it’s Friday the 13th! Did you know it’s actually supposed to be a lucky date for people born on the 13th, like yours truly? And, yes, I am a superstitious person who throws salt over my left shoulder if I happen to spill a bit.

Not too much on the go for the weekend. (Except, you know, dealing with our disaster site of a basement.) Zumba, dog-sitting Annabelle’s boyfriend tomorrow (ahhhh the fluffy cuteness!), church, and catechism for D on Sunday.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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