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Blog love

I am totally going to obsess over this, week by week. I know it.  It is … drumroll, please … the Zero to Forty Pregnancy Weekly Calendar with Amalah. Her writing is hilarious, and there are adorable cartoons and general awesomeness. LOVE.

Dream dress

I WANT: Chiarakruza Yasmine Maternity Dress How sweet and feminine is this dress? I adore it. If you put it on, you would transform into a whimsical, calm preggo woman who picnics and eats watermelon and picks flowers. Ahhh … COST: $138SHOP DUE MATERNITY HERE

I say a little prayer

When I was in school, I was big on praying for snow days when I had a math test. I prayed and prayed, and promised God I would spend the extra time studying.  I swore that if I had the extra time to study, I… Continue Reading “I say a little prayer”

And so …

… I’M PREGNANT!!! Haha, no. Not really. April Fools! P.S. Sorry, Best Friend — I hope you didn’t just choke on your morning coffee. xoxo

Because I don’t own quite enough pink …

I WANT: Kiki’s Fashions black-and-pink plaid maternity top I love, love, LOVE this — it’s so Avril-Lavigne-does-maternity! How adorable would it look over a pair of fitted black pants? There are a lot of totally adorable tops and dresses over at Kiki’s, but this… Continue Reading “Because I don’t own quite enough pink …”