S to the I-C-K

I rarely take sick days, because I’m one of those people who believes the office will implode if I am not there to oversee everything. But I was suffering all last night/this a.m. with a sore throat/runny nose/thick head, so I gave in and stayed home.

And … it’s a little weird.

It feels I’m in elementary school and it’s a snow day. It’s not a weekend, you aren’t supposed to be home, but yet … you are. It’s bright outside and it’s like 11 a.m., and you’re here, inside. Watching daytime TV and stuff.

I imagine it feels kind of like this when you are a SAHM? Granted, I am not looking after a crying baby, but I am taking care of myself — and I’m a whiny person — plus Little Dog. Plus, I will still be puttering around, doing dishes, etc. All in the daytime, while Darling Husband is at work.

I am almost enjoying it in a way — other than the burning/itchy throat and running nose. I am that kind of person that really enjoys being home. I am going to read, sew, watch a little TV, and make something simple but yummy for supper. Maybe something nourishing and SAHM-ish, like … beef stew?

I like this calm feeling that I have now. I like being tucked up in my house, all day, with a manageable to-do list and some nice free time. I am still in my PJs. I’m on my fourth mug of tea (oops, must start lowering caffeine consumption). It’s very nice. I’m not racing around the office halls with my BlackBerry, or herding people into a meeting. I am just … mellow-mellow.

Hmmm, this could also be the DayQuil talking.

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