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Role-model Mommy: Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is the kind of mom I want to be. She has the sweetest little girls — Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth — and she is totally devoted to them.  She and Handsome Hubby (Ben Affleck) are constantly photographed dropping off and picking… Continue Reading “Role-model Mommy: Jennifer Garner”

Role-model Mommy: Candace Cameron Bure

You’ve heard me gush about my love of Full House, and that love has recently extended to post-Full House Candace Cameron Bure. For those of you who haven’t kept up with DJ Tanner since she and the rest of the Tanners went off the air, here’s… Continue Reading “Role-model Mommy: Candace Cameron Bure”

The thing about Suri Cruise …

… is that she is picture-perfect, all the time. Here are the three most-important things I have learned from this trend-setting toddler … Bangs are adorable. I know Suri has weekly hair appointments, and regular moms can’t do that, but still. God, I would… Continue Reading “The thing about Suri Cruise …”