Category: No-no’s

Stating the obvious

So I stayed up late last night, reading my new fave book, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and I was … well, surprised by some of the “advice.” Who was this book written for? Crack addicts??? I have went through page after page of… Continue Reading “Stating the obvious”

The pill factor

I have always been a pill-popper. Not in a druggie kind of way, but in a nice, appreciate, isn’t-Advil-great kind of way.  As someone who will happily pop whatever I think I need, I never understand people who are against meds. Darling Husband, for instance,… Continue Reading “The pill factor”

Trampoline dreams

OK, so last night I dreamed I was preggers, and accidentally found myself on a trampoline — a big no-no for mamas-to-be. I tried to get over to the edge without bouncing the baby around, but everyone around me was bouncing like crazy. Strange!!!