Category: Mommy time

Finding the time (for me)

There wasn’t time in my schedule to think, to plan, to daydream. Every minute of the day was scheduled for maximum efficiency. The only time ideas trickled into my thoughts was when I was trying to sleep, and I’d force myself to clear my… Continue Reading “Finding the time (for me)”

The early riser(s)

About a million years ago (or like 5-6 years ago), I used to get up really early so I could have an hour or two to work on my novel before working my “day job.” I thought I was being mega-disciplined and it felt… Continue Reading “The early riser(s)”

Saying yes to new traditions

In keeping with our new tradition of not getting each other giftcards — or any physical gifts at all — for our birthdays, Best Friend and I met today for one of our new and totally awesome birthday lunches. It was wonderful. I think… Continue Reading “Saying yes to new traditions”