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Knock knock me over

I’m done with this week. Or really, I should say “this week is done with me.” It won. It beat me. I give up. Someone I love passed away, far too young, and we say good-bye to her on Tuesday. It was only the… Continue Reading “Knock knock me over”

How Valentine’s Day has changed for us

I was 23 when we got engaged on Valentine’s Day of 2007. Nothing had ever been as shiny and beautiful as the ring he slid onto my finger. I spent days, weeks, months tilting my hand ever so slightly in the sunlight to watch… Continue Reading “How Valentine’s Day has changed for us”

Teaching kids about giving | #GivingTuesday

Teaching kids about giving {Heather's Handmade Life}

Somewhere in the dreary descriptions of Pa’s hollowed-out cheeks and endless meals of nothing but coarse brown bread, it clicked for the kids. The Ingalls family was going hungry. We’ve been working our way through the Little House on the Prairie series, with me… Continue Reading “Teaching kids about giving | #GivingTuesday”