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Hospital packing checklists

Remember when I went into the hospital last time and had a really deluded idea of what I would pack? Well, as Darling Husband constantly reminds me, I packed … too much. He has said MANY times, “We won’t be bringing HALF the amount… Continue Reading “Hospital packing checklists”

Hospital bags are packed!

Thursday, April 22, 2010 33 weeks, 4 days pregnant Soooo … my hospital bags are packed! I knowwww it’s still pretty early, but I just kept thinking, “What if I go into labour early, and I’m not packed? Am I going to be in… Continue Reading “Hospital bags are packed!”

Packing the hospital bag

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 29 weeks, 3 days pregnant You know, I am a little surprised I haven’t already packed my hospital bag. It is just the kind of insanely O.C. thing I would expect from myself. I have, however, been thinking a lot… Continue Reading “Packing the hospital bag”