Category: Happiness

Teaching an old couch potato new tricks

I was in a really bad mood yesterday. There was no particular reason for it, really. I just felt like the whirlwind weekend (overnight trip + kiddie birthday party + lots of driving) had left me exhausted. I was craving alone time. I was… Continue Reading “Teaching an old couch potato new tricks”

Five little things I do daily to make myself happier

Make our bed every day, perfectly. Tight blankets smoothed without a wrinkle, neatly arranged throw pillows. Then I open all of the curtains in our bedroom so the sun comes in and makes our bedroom look bright and pretty. Most days Some days we… Continue Reading “Five little things I do daily to make myself happier”

Big changes are a-comin’!

Oh, hi. I think I forget how to use a computer. I just untangled my fingers from the cord of the vacuum and managed to finally put down the Windex bottle. I have basically done nothing but dust, wipe, vacuum, organize, neaten, sweep, tidy,… Continue Reading “Big changes are a-comin’!”