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Sixty-five thousand

I hit 65,000 words today on my novel (in my novel?) and it feels … it feels like everything. Fifty thousand words felt like a huge accomplishment — was it really just 12 days ago? — but now at 65,057 words I feel like I’m… Continue Reading “Sixty-five thousand”

Fifty thousand

I hit 50,000 words this morning on my newest novel — the novel I’m hopefully will actually see the light of day. Fifty thousand and 14 words, to be exact. You know, unlike the first one (55,000 words) that I got up early very… Continue Reading “Fifty thousand”

New year, same-ish me

Happy 2014, Blogosphere! Well, that was certainly a hiatus and a half, wasn’t it? I leave you with the world’s most awesome candy recipe (and caramel corn recipe), and then … just leave? What was up with that? Shared this on Instagram recently, and… Continue Reading “New year, same-ish me”

Resolutions? I guess you could call them that …

I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions. I’m more of the mind that you have to do things when it makes sense to do them, not when you’re “supposed” to think of things to do. If I decide I want to tackle a major… Continue Reading “Resolutions? I guess you could call them that …”

Seven goals for the seventh month

Happy (early) Canada Day, fellow Northern Nellies! I hope your weekend is full of BBQs, beers, bonfires, and … other B-items? Baseball games? Oh right, and beaches! In the spirit of taking better care of myself, here are some goals I have set for… Continue Reading “Seven goals for the seventh month”