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Mommy wants a drink-poo?

I don’t really drink. I add “really” because it’s true that I do drink, occassionally. Once every couple of months, during get-togethers with friends, I will have a couple of drinks to get a “giddy fun buzz.” That is the extent of my drinking… Continue Reading “Mommy wants a drink-poo?”

Babies: tiny marriage destoyers?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! The Globe and Mail just published an article called, Darling, this baby is coming between us, that talks about how having children can ruin a marriage. I can understand that having children puts more financial stress on a couple. And makes… Continue Reading “Babies: tiny marriage destoyers?”

Cracker chat

LITTLE SIS: I can’t believe you might have a person in you in seven weeks. ME: I know. I keep thinking about morning sickness. My books make it sound really horrible. LITTLE SIS: Really? ME: Yeah, and that some women can’t eat anything without throwing… Continue Reading “Cracker chat”