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The high cost of kids’ activities

The high cost of kids' activities: How do you explain to a child that they can't do it all? {Heather's Handmade Life}

She just didn’t understand it. To her, it made perfect sense. If she took dance one afternoon, cheerleading another afternoon and gymnastics on a third afternoon, that still left an afternoon free for taekwondo. Plus, you know, a fifth weekday afternoon would be completely… Continue Reading “The high cost of kids’ activities”

50 thoughts heading into dance recital weekend

Will these tights look dirty on stage? Nah, the lights are bright. Bright lights are like the theatre version of an Instagram filter. I hope the bun looks good. I think I made it too high last time. Where *is* the crown of a… Continue Reading “50 thoughts heading into dance recital weekend”

Weekly wrap-up: Playmobil + birthday fun + photo day at dance

SUNDAY I shared a fun selfie with my mom and sis from cosmic bowling in Halifax. It was decidedly un-cosmic, which was disappointing since we’d worn black and white with the hopes it would look really cool, but we had a great time. Sweaty… Continue Reading “Weekly wrap-up: Playmobil + birthday fun + photo day at dance”