New year, new project!

Happy New Year, everybody!

It’s hard to believe that I started Laptops to Lullabies waaaay back in 2009, exactly eight years ago today. (I’d link back to those first pathetic posts, but yikesssss you might not want to read them.)

I’m not going anywhere — and neither is this blog — but I *did* start a second little project today. Apparently Jan. 1 is the only day I start blogs, so I pretty much had no choice!

It’s called Heather’s Handwriting and it’s a blog entirely WRITTEN (as in, using a pen, not typed).

There are just a couple of posts so far, since it literally was born today, but I like it already. It’s weird and casual and is bound to end up with a bunch of bizarre doodles everywhere, so it’s very much ME.

Why start another blog, when this one keeps me busy? I talk about it over there, but I guess it was part of a feeling of wanting to simplify and slow down a bit. Working on a handwritten blog means I’ll be getting my hands on a real-life pen at least once a day, and sitting down (preferably in a comfy chair) to write in a real-life notebook — not a flashing computer screen.

I’m THAT person who needs to put down the phone, step away from the computer, shred the to-do list, take myself less seriously, stop stressing, and take a zillion deep breaths. Constantly.

I’m hoping this handwriting project reminds me to do all of the above.

(Plus I get to use all of the pretty notebooks I’ve been hoarding for a special day/occasion/project/I have no idea. Pretty notebooks are everythinggggg.)

So what do you think?

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