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Asking for what you want

Werk It Wednesday is a day late this week, guys. I was crying a lot yesterday and couldn’t really focus, so here we go! Once again, I came away from a BlogJam conference feeling 1,000X more motivated, excited and determined than I was going… Continue Reading “Asking for what you want”

Wanted: More time for everything!

We talk about how 24 hours in a day are just not enough. That’s never been more true for me, as a self-employed whatcha-ma-call-it, because it’s hard not to feel like any working opportunity SHOULD be spent working. Here is a complete list of… Continue Reading “Wanted: More time for everything!”

Here we go, Grade 1

Primary blew by at the speed of light, and suddenly there was a little boy — a BIG little boy with a brand-new haircut — standing eagerly at the bus stop ready for Grade 1. I’m so eager for D to get home so… Continue Reading “Here we go, Grade 1”