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Workin’ for the … weekend? No, sorry, we don’t get those!

What day is it today? No, really? I went through *all* of yesterday being completely convinced it was Tuesday, and I think that happened because Tuesday was so busy that it melted into the real Wednesday. Things are busy on the freelance front this… Continue Reading “Workin’ for the … weekend? No, sorry, we don’t get those!”

On guilt and half-birthdays

My baby girl turns six months old tomorrow, and I can’t stop crying. I have been kind of weepy about her half-birthday all week. I know everyone says everything goes by even faster with second (and subsequent) children because you’re that much busier, and,… Continue Reading “On guilt and half-birthdays”

Before I go to sleep …

You guys, I am committing the ultimate Mommy crime right now. I am not sleeping — or even trying to sleep — while the baby is sleeping. Just now, I got out of bed and crept to the laptop to write this post. I… Continue Reading “Before I go to sleep …”

Time mom-agement

I’m finding it hard lately to divide my time up. Baby Boy is always my first priority, and every moment he’s awake, we’re busy doing things together — or he’s “helping” me do chores, get dressed, etc. When he goes to sleep — thank… Continue Reading “Time mom-agement”

The neverending battle rages on between SAHMs and WMs … but where are all the WAHMs?

I spent some time last night reading a hot debate over on The subject? Do stay-at-home-moms actually “work” — as in, is it considered a job? The feathers biting comments were flying! This debate never seems to get old, when it comes to… Continue Reading “The neverending battle rages on between SAHMs and WMs … but where are all the WAHMs?”