Parenting beyond the family bubble

Parenting beyond the family bubble

Our kids understood that we all had to “stay the blazes home”. They understood that only Dad went to the store or picked up take-out. They understood that if someone stopped by our house, we stood on the porch and talked to them from a safe distance.

Now, everything is a bit wishy-washy.

Most Fridays during the province’s update, our world changes a little. As more restrictions loosen, there’s more room for interpretation. Some of us are gun-shy while others are eager to push the new limits, especially as the province’s number of COVID-19 cases dips even lower.

It’s hard for all us to keep up with the updates, but it’s especially confusing for kids. 

We can hug those in our bubble, but no one else. We can see other people, but not up close and not too many at once. We can go into someone’s house, but also we shouldn’t. We can go to public places, but not touch anything or get too close to people.  

The gathering limit is currently 10 people. We are a family of four. In theory, we could invite six non-bubble people into our home as long as we’re social distancing and don’t share food or dishes.

But … can we?

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