School’s not happening so now what?

Five and a half months.

That’s how long our kids will be out of school, assuming things re-start in September — and a September start is the one true, beautiful thing I refuse to stop believing in, so don’t burst my bubble.

I wasn’t surprised when they made the announcement that our kids wouldn’t be going back to school this year. (Although I would have gladly sent them if I’d had the option.) I had already told myself, weeks ago, to expect absolutely nothing in order to prevent further crushing disappointments.

Even so, once it was official — that there would be no return to school this term, and homeschooling would end June 5 — it was pretty depressing.

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2 Comments on “School’s not happening so now what?

  1. What’s going to happen when all these office people learn what it’s like to work from home in the summer, sans AC? Productivity will go to hell, that’s what. PS. You ruined Bon Jovi for me…


  2. HRM already cancelled all their summer camps so we are camp-less this year for the oldest. Still waiting on daycares to open for the youngest. I used the money I would have normally spent on summer camp to buy a trampoline for the backyard. Now I just need to see if my wifi reaches the back deck so I can supervise them and still work. Hang in there, this too shall pass (eventually? hopefully? maybe?)


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