A day in the life of pandemic parenting

The other morning, I spent an hour on a video conference with people I’d never seen “in person” before. It was very successful, and I felt like an awesome businesswoman.

Then I hurried upstairs to check on the kids and discovered our son hadn’t heard his reminder alarm and, as a result, had missed most of his class Google Meet. I flipped my lid and felt like a terrible mother.

Yes, it’s an optional call, but I still felt awful. He’s missing out on so much right now, and knowing he’d missed out on one of the only things available to him filled me with anger, frustration and sadness.

I frantically pulled out my phone and started setting even more reminders, determined it won’t happen again even if I am on a work call. Now every day at 9:20 a.m., our house positively booms with voices coming out of every Alexa device.

It’s an overreaction, for sure, but these days I’m not sure I’m capable of reacting normally to anything.

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