Home sick, and bored to tears

Home sick, and bored to tears

We have a pretty fun house, I’d say. Lots of books and toys. Multiple Barbie houses and dollhouses and even travel-type versions of each. A spoiled little dog who loves attention. Enough LEGO to fill a minivan from floor to ceiling.

But when my kids are home sick, our house becomes the most boring place in the whole world.

It’s because they want screens, you see.

They would be perfectly happy spending their entire sick day glued to a screen — any screen. The TV. The computer. A handheld video game.

Sometimes I wonder if a simple hand-held mirror would work, as long as they yapped into it and told their reflection to “be sure and click the bell to subscribe to my channel.”

Kids today, they can’t resist the siren call of those darn YouTubers. They want to watch kids unboxing, pranking, performing, pretending, challenging. They want to play Minecraft — well, or just watch YouTube videos of other kids actually playing Minecraft. They want to watch other kids play with toys and do makeup and invent dance routines, while they sit there in a stupor.

Now, when kids are home sick, it’s understandable they don’t have a lot of energy. Watching a screen doesn’t take any energy, other than keeping your eyelids open. Yes, they are going to want to lie on the couch and take it easy while they watch a show.

But are my kids going to spend their whole sick day on a screen? Nope!

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