Sick of summer snacks

Summer vacation has barely begun, and already I am sick to death of the constant requests for snacks!

I pack my kids’ lunches — I know how much food they eat during a typical school-day. Why is it that during July and August, their appetites are exponentially larger? Do they have seasonal tapeworms?!

As a work-at-home parent, I get to hear each and every request for a snack. Our daughter is seven and our son is newly nine, so anything edible is still on lockdown mode — meaning they have to ask me or my husband if they can have so much as a single cracker.

Is that weird? I don’t know, honestly.

Some of my friends’ kids are allowed to just help themselves to a snack whenever they want, but I can’t imagine that kind of anarchy.

Our daughter would eat five packages of fruit snacks every hour, chase them with a 2L bottle of pop and refuse to eat a proper dinner until she turned 21.

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