Having fun with family traditions

You would have thought we were planning an elaborate vacation, but no. We were just discussing our plans for the afternoon the kids received their second-term report cards.

We celebrate every report card with a treat — frozen yogurt or something from the gas station, which is hilariously exciting when you’re a kid — and “kids can do whatever they want” for the rest of the afternoon. (Spoiler alert: they always pick screen time.)

As a result, they look forward to report card day like it’s a legit holiday. They picked frozen yogurt this time around and it made me smile to see how delighted they were with our after-school outing. It felt special because it’s a tradition.

The experts all agree that children feel comforted by routines. And it’s true. Kids love to know what to expect and they like knowing they can look forward to something good happening.

Our son and daughter know the Tooth Fairy always brings a toonie, unless you had an overcrowded tooth pulled out by the dentist, which bumps the price to $5.

They know every Friday night, we’re going to eat homemade pizza and watch a movie together.

They know Saturday mornings are when I make my famous pancakes, with enough leftovers to reheat on Sunday morning.

They know every summer will kick off with the Canada Day parade in the next town over …

… and that it will draw to a close when we do a marathon 10-hour day at the provincial exhibition.

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