Nine years of L-O-V-E

It’s funny how holidays make you more aware* of time passing.

*totally sappy

Everyone was very excited to wake up this morning. Sleepy but excited!

Our Valentine’s Day tradition with the kids is to get them a few candy/chocolate treats — nothing that we wouldn’t be horrified if they ate all of on that day, which is usually what happens — and a small (and inexpensive) toy or activity.

This year I suggested Darling Husband pick up a Beyblade for each of them. They didn’t have any, but they’d started talking about them before Christmas (when it was too late to get them one).

D was PUMPED. In fact, I think that deserves a gif …

This boy doesn’t get too excited over much, so his reaction was amazing.

C loved hers, too … but let’s face it, she mostly liked the candy.

They posed for an obligatory Valentine photo — sleepiness already kicking in — and later on, it made me take a sentimental stroll through Google Photos to see what other February 14ths had been like …

Like last year, when they were five and seven …

… and the year before, when they were four and six (during C’s one and only haircut, which neither of us ever want to repeat).

Or the year before, when they were five and three …

Four and two! C’s little gift that year was the stuffed kitty she’d desperately wanted.

D at age three, very pleased with a Melissa & Doug sticker book.

C at age 1, feeding her baby some heart-shaped pancakes.

(Didn’t do those this year, although I did attempt to cut their bagels into hearts this morning. It was unsuccessful.)

C’s first Valentine’s Day, when they were two and not-even-one! D was really into that candy bracelet, it seems. And OMG, C’s dimples!!!

D at age one, just a few months after we moved into this house. We were big into muffin tin toddler meals back then!

And D’s first Valentine’s Day, waaaaaaay back in 2011. I remember making him this onesie with puffy glitter paint.

Babyhood feels like a million years ago, instead of not quite nine years ago, doesn’t it?

But then you see them make the same face, and it all comes back …

Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo

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