Is parenting getting easier?

Is parenting getting easier as the kids get older? {Heather's Handmade Life}

My friends and I were talking recently and, as usual, the conversation was 70 per cent about our children, 15 per cent about our husbands, 10 per cent about our careers and five per cent about the freezing cold weather.

We were talking about whether or not parenting gets easier as our kids get older and everyone had a different perspective.

Some felt it was getting harder, as their children had more activities (which means lots of ferrying for us, the parents) and more difficult social situations.

We’ve all heard the phrase “bigger kids, bigger problems.” I think that’s true, especially during the teen years. Yikes!

Others felt it was about the same level of difficulty. They’d just swapped breastfeeding challenges for school lunch frustrations and naptime crankiness for after-school freak-outs.

But a few of us agreed wholeheartedly that we feel parenting has been much easier these days.

Is parenting getting easier? Absolutely. They sleep through the night! They can get themselves ready in the mornings! They can make their own breakfast!

I feel like our kids have been in a sweet spot for a while now, at eight and six years old. Argh, I hate to even say it because I don’t want to jinx it! But it’s true …

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