Easy fix for cracked leather stools

One of the greatest benefits of knowing how to sew is being able to repair things that would otherwise need to be thrown away and replaced.

Often this means mending a hole in someone’s jacket or stitching up a rip in someone’s heirloom quilt, but sometimes I use my sewing skills to fix something a bit more unusual … like furniture.

I was in my friend’s house recently to make a decorating plan for her daughter’s bedroom when we stopped in the kitchen. She mentioned she might ask me to help her choose new stools for their island, since the faux leather was cracking on the backs of the ones they were using.

“You don’t need to get rid of those stools!” I exclaimed. They were nice ones — tan faux leather with stainless steel bars. “We could just slipcover the cracked leather backs.”

And so we did.

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