The pressure of ‘believing’

The pressure of believing {Heather's Handmade Life}

Welcome to Veggie Village, the very boring column where we talk about forcing our kids to eat vegetables because we’re mean. Today I’m going to share my favourite methods for steaming broccoli and how to … OK, that should guarantee any kids have stopped reading …

I could say this is the year it happened, but it actually may have started last year when our son was in Grade 2. It wasn’t dramatic.

He came home from school and matter-of-factly announced, “Some kids on the bus said there’s no Santa Claus.”

My reply is always the same. “Wow, that’s not nice. Santa’s not going to like that!” He really isn’t.

Our daughter, who’s only in Grade 1, piped up another day that she’d heard the same thing. (Their bus ride is about five minutes long and yet it’s plenty of time to learn bad words, tell scary stories that will upset them later at bedtime and potentially ruin Christmas magic.)

The pressure of believing {Heather's Handmade Life}
Loves fancy coats. Enjoys attention. Believes in Santa, but possibly just for presents?

“A girl on the bus said Santa’s not real, but I don’t believe her because I want presents!” she chirped. Our son quickly agreed.

I really don’t know what they believe about the big guy in red. We have always been a little loose about the details …

The pressure of believing {Heather's Handmade Life}
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3 Comments on “The pressure of ‘believing’

  1. I’m so afraid of my oldest ruining the magic for my youngest as they get older (they are 10 and 16 months). So far the 10 year old believes and I’m hoping that when he stops believing I can get him to help keep the magic alive for his brother by doing things like helping with the elf on the shelf and that sort of thing. Otherwise I will have resort to bribery to keep the magic going for a decent amount of time for his brother! ha ha


    • I’m sure he will! One of my friends has kids who are six grades apart, and the eldest is so sweet about doing all of the Elf duties to make it special for her little sis.


  2. You never have to confirm that there is no Santa……….
    If you just explain that Santa is the “Spirit” of Christmas and always remember the “reason for the season”. ❤️


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