What Charlotte wore …

What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}

It’s that time of year when I get *really* into dressing the kids for school in the cute new outfits I spent July and August sewing for them! I try to take a picture most mornings before school, at least of Charlotte (Dexter isn’t a fan of pictures these days).

So here’s a look at what she’s been wearing to school lately, along with a round-up on patterns, fabrics, upcycling, etc.

What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}

This is what she’s wearing today!

  • Black and white top: A mishmash of fabrics in my stash + cut-up clothes, sewn with this T-shirt pattern (which is one of my most-used patterns)
  • Mustard corduroy jumper: I made this from one of my favourite skirts (worn back when I was in an actual office). I cut off the belt-ish band to make the straps and the whole thing is made 100% using just the original skirt.

What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}

She wore this on Tuesday …

  • Black bodysuit: Actually just her dance leotard from last year, sewn by mimicking an old bathing suit. I love the low back!
  • Floral skirt: Pretty crepe floral fabric (Atlantic Fabrics) with a stretchy black waistband made from an old black T-shirt. Since the fabric was so thin, I doubled it up (leaving the fold at the bottom of the skirt) and gathered the waist before adding the waistband. No pattern required.

What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}

She wanted pants, not leggings! Her first pair, for sure. 😉

  • Rose pants: I used this pants pattern (which I normally use for her brother) because I love how you can add a pop of colour in the pocket lining. They turned out a little snug so she might not wear them again — lesson learned! I’ll make a bigger size next time.
  • Coral top: I made this T-shirt at least a year or two ago from an old T-shirt of my sister’s, using this pattern again. It matches a ton of stuff so she’s worn it a lot. I love the tiny pocket and the three-quarter sleeves.
  • Glasses: Zenni Optical

What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}

  • Blue-striped cardigan: A recent hand-me-down from our neighbour. I can never have too many cardigans for C!
  • Blue corduroy jumper: Made with an old remnant someone gave me. It was quite a small piece so the jumper’s short. (She wore shorts underneath.)
  • Floral top: I made this 1-2 years ago from the prettiest floral Art Gallery fabric, using this pattern shortened into top length. It’s reeeeeally short so I don’t think she’ll be able to wear it much longer.
  • Glasses: Zenni Optical!

What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}

I wanted this to be her first-day-of-school outfit, but she wanted to wear a dress that day (see below) so this was Day 2.

  • Red jumper: I made it from an old red minidress that belonged to my sister (the exposed zipper still runs up the whole back). I cut apart the dress’s bodice to make the two straps, and added a stretchy black waistband to keep it up.
  • Heart blouse: I need to make more blouses because I love how this turned out! I used this old favourite pattern (which I used for all of D’s shirts until he outgrew the pattern), and the sweetest heart-printed cotton fabric from Atlantic Fabrics. Had to use it make matching bows, of course!
  • Black cardigan: I recently hacked my own cardigan pattern (and made a tonnnnnn of ’em) using pieces from like three different patterns. Maybe I’ll do a post about it. It’s just black cotton-y knit, and you can’t tell in the pictures but I made a floppy black flower to decorate one side.
  • Glasses: Zenni Optical!

What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}Minecraft dress:

Minecraft shirt for D:

What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}

This was Wear Pink Day (for anti-bullying awareness) and weirdly, I’d already laid out her outift days before I knew it was Pink Day.

  • Multicoloured collared shirt on D: This pattern, sewn with this WILD fabric he picked out in Ontario at a Len’s Mill
  • Pink sparkle skirt on C: Sequinned knit from the discount bin! I think it was three dollars to make this?
  • Pink top on C: This pattern, sewn in a stretchy pink sparkle knit I’ve had for YEARS. I used some of it last year for a dance leotard …
    The same fabric, last year

    What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}I love this whole outfit! It was my first time using this pattern, and it’s adorable.

  • Dress pattern (includes the dress, built-in apron, shorts underneath, and kerchief): This one from Violet Fields
  • Fabric: A single “oranges” fat quarter + some simple orange quilting cotton + a leftover scrap of yellow check for the band at the bottom
  • Cardigan: Same black one as above!
    What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}
  • Striped top: It’s actually a short dress, tucked into the skirt. I used this pattern but made it sleeveless with a turtleneck-style band
  • Floral skirt: Same as above — this waistband was too baggy and it kept falling down, so she ended up just wearing this striped dress with leggings and I redid the waistband before she wore the outfit above.
  • Glittery headband: Ardene
    What Charlotte wore ... {Heather's Handmade Life}This is what she wore to her first day of Lyrical! 
  • Bodysuit: Hacked from an old bathing suit, using a super soft black spandex
  • Skirt: Basic circle skirt from the same fabric, with a yoga-style waistband
  • Bows: Sewn from faux leather. One fell out during the first class and she kept dancing while holding it!


No, she still hasn’t worn all of her newly-sewn clothes yet! 😉 It’s still September. We’ve got time!

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