No-sew pennant banner

Back when my friend was pregnant, she’d mentioned wanting a burlap pennant banner to hang over the baby’s crib (which you might remember from this sweet little makeover).

DIY crib sheet, crib bumpers, and crib skirt

I insisted I’d made one, but then I found myself procrastinating the project. Burlap is a pain to work with because it frays so easily, and I was dreading cutting out the little triangles and sewing them together. Then, after all that, I’d have to cut out the letters of his name — Colton — and applique around each one, all while praying the burlap held up. Ugh.

When little Colton was not quite two weeks old, I was browsing the craft aisles of my favourite fabric store and discovered a wooden pennant banner kit.* I’d never seen one before. For 7.99 I would get seven wooden triangles, precut with holes, and the twine to string them together. Sold!

Before I left the store, I grabbed a sheet of dark brown felt* and 1.5m of burlap trim.* (I had no idea it was sold in narrow strips, but it was exactly what I needed to fit the pennants.)

No-sew pennant banner {Heather's Handmade Life}

Back at home, I printed out Colton’s name — split into two sections to fit it all on one piece of printer paper — using a free font called “Typo Hoop” ( I’d wanted something that would be easy to cut out, and solid enough to be legible from across the room when it was hanging above his crib.

I cut out the paper letters, and then switched over to my fabric scissors to cut them out of the felt. I didn’t bother to trace, since it might have marked up the felt. I just held the paper letters over the felt with one hand while snipping with the other. C-O-L-T-O-N was cut out in no time.

I plugged in my hot glue gun and spread out the length of burlap, cutting it into six rectangles — each slightly larger than the wooden pennants. Then I just squiggled glue over one side of a wooden pennant and pressed it against the burlap with my palm.

Once the glue had cooled, I trimmed around each pennant. It didn’t matter that the edges were already fraying a little, because the glue was going to make sure the burlap didn’t totally disintegrate.

The wood backing gives each pennant a nice heft, unlike a pennant banner made from only fabric, so there won’t be any flapping around if the nursery window is left open. (Years ago, I sewed a fabric birthday banner that we still use for every family birthday. I love it, but it drives me crazy that the pennants get wrinkled.)

I hot-glued each letter onto a pennant, which was a million times faster than having to applique around each one with my sewing machine. Then I strung the pennants onto the piece of twine included in the kit, using a dab of hot glue behind each hole to make sure they didn’t slide around.

I’ll be hanging up this banner next week when I go to my friend’s place for more baby snuggles, and I know it’s going to look great over his crib.

This project was so fast that now I want to get more of these wooden kits to make more pennant banners! Ooh, one for every holiday! I’ve missed you, my dear glue gun.

No-sew pennant banner {Heather's Handmade Life}
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