Easy mini pizza hack

Easy mini pizza hack {Heather's Handmade Life}

You guys know I HATE cooking and only ever post “recipes” (I use that word very loosely) on the blog if they are (A) incredibly easy to make, (B) super-fast, (C) prevent us from wasting something, and/or (D) get me out of the kitchen in record time so I can go sew something or paint something.

But we had a big family “party” over the weekend to celebrate C turning six. Having 20-ish people in your house for dinner either involves cooking or cleaning out your bank account for a ton of pizzas to be delivered. So we always choose cooking.

Darling Husband had bought a new BBQ for the occasion since ours recently got the boot to the curb during Clean-up Week. So, of course, we decided to make hamburgers and sausages.

AND OF COURSE, he bought ninety-trillion packages of hamburger buns. I made 20 hamburger patties. You do the math. *sigh*

So what does one do with the eighty-nine-trillion remaining hamburger buns?

Freeze them, you might say? Nope — remember, we got rid of our deep freeze when I turned the laundry room into The Most Epic DIY Studio Ever.

And so I squashed them with my (still-kind-of-annoyed) palms and made mini pizzas with them …

Easy mini pizza hack {Heather's Handmade Life}

I loaded the squashed bun halves with pizza sauce, grated mozzerella, and chopped pepperoni, and baked ’em at 425F (the same temperature we used for regular pizza) for about 15 minutes.


Easy mini pizza hack {Heather's Handmade Life}

This is really all I have to say. I hope this helps you, especially this summer during BBQ-every-damn-day season, if you also have a husband who ALWAYS OVERBUYS FRIGGING HAMBURGER BUNS.

(I love you, babe. I do. But sometimes I wonder if you are single-handedly keeping the folks at Wonder Bread in business?)

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