Cardboard box entrepreneurs

Cardboard box entrepreneurs {Heather's Handmade Life}

I can’t remember when or why the first cardboard box arrived. All I know is he’s been steadily adding to the collection for almost two months.

“I’m making an arcade,” our seven-year-old son announced.

With scissors and tape, he’d turned one box into some kind of foosball game using army figurines. Another box was a simple “claw machine” with a paperclip on a string serving as the claw.

The boxes started piling up in his room, and soon he was enlisting neighbours to help. Then the focus shifted from making the games to working on the business model and that ended up being even more fun.

One volunteered to be the secretary and he got to work building her a cardboard computer — complete with cardboard keyboard, mouse and mousepad and cords made from yarn. (I think all keyboards should have “send” and “done” buttons).

Cardboard box entrepreneurs {Heather's Handmade Life}

For the monitor, he covered it with a sheet of paper and drew an email inbox: “new arcade going great for business. No pets.” and “the little pictures at the bottom” (the taskbar). I suggested a pie chart for the arcade’s finances and was delighted when he carefully coloured one in. I’m not sure each section represents, but one says “PR” so at least they’ve allocated some money to promoting themselves …

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