When friends help friends DIY

Modernize a kitschy table to get a modern farmhouse table {Heather's Handmade Life}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by RYOBI Tools. All opinions and sawdusty leggings are my own.


The thing about giving DIY advice is that sometimes people end up elbow-deep in DIY misery . . . and it’s all because of you. Gulp.

It started off innocently, as it always does.

My friend mentioned she wanted to paint her coffee table and end tables, and I jumped in with ‘helpful’ suggestions. She’d been given the hand-me-down tables and wanted to use them in her new living room, and I wholeheartedly agreed. The tables were solid and incredibly well-built. I love heavy wooden pieces that can last forever, because you can just keep repainting them as the mood strikes.

But this wasn’t just a straightforward painting job. The tables had kitschy heart cut-outs on each side. My friend loves the casual farmhouse look, but wasn’t a fan of the cutesy country flourishes. That meant we had six hearts to break — er, remove.

So I drove out to Debert, armed with my cordless Ryobi ONE jigsaw* and a bag of extra batteries. I sketched a rectangle to become the new cut-out, popped on my safety goggles and then plunged the sharp blade into the first heart — ugh, that sounds violent …

“Activewear, activewear. Doin’ DIY in my activewear!”

BY Heather Laura Clarke

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