We’re in a commercial!

So the kids and I did something a little different before school started. We got to “act” in a TV commercial!

Inglis Jewellers needed extras for the crowd shots in their new football-themed commercial, and we were happy to help.

The kids were in it for the all-you-can-eat Timbits. I was all about the fame.
Inglis Jewellers TV commercial
The kids kept asking if we’d get our own limo, and D even declared we’d “buy a castle.”
Um, no. Maybe if you become a wildly popular commercial extra … and then do a few feature films or something.
Since the commercial will be airing during football season (which is, like … all fall? I think?) they asked us to bundle up in “November-esque” outfits.
No problem! I dug out the wool caps (and knit a new one for the occasion, for myself) and borrowed a puffy vest from my neighbour (thanks, Krista!). We were good to go.

You can watch the commercial (below) to see what happens, but basically an Inglis Jewellers ring box gets tossed into the crowd so a guy can propose to his girlfriend.
It’s heading straight for us, so C decided to try to catch it — like any kid would.
During one take, she actually DID catch it. Oops.
Nice fish face, Heather.
I used my, ahem, method acting skills to determine that my character would try to shield her child from the potentially dangerous object whizzing towards them.
(D was no longer my child, at that point. They wanted him further over in the shot, so he was adopted by a kindly grandmother. He was cool with it. Anything for the director.)
Awwww, she’s saying yes!

I am literally too excited for them.

Does my character know them? I’m, like, BALLISTIC with excitement. Perhaps I overacted? Or maybe my character is his brother, and she was afraid he would never find love again? And I’m just SO HAPPY for my brother that I’m about to cry? Maybe?

Thanks for a super fun morning, Inglis Jewellers! We had a blast, and now all three of us are convinced we’re famous commercial actors. 😉

2 Comments on “We’re in a commercial!

  1. Bahaha adopted by a “kindly grandmother” HAHAHAHA That was my sister, who’s younger than I (and I’m not a grandmother!) bahahaha


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