The wiggly tooth that drove everyone crazy

Our son is now missing three baby teeth, but I can’t really say he “lost” any of them.

Two were yanked by the dentist (they were interfering with adult teeth trying to grow in) and the third was yanked by yours truly during a bloody encounter in our living room, in front of company.

You see, his first-ever wiggly tooth was stubbornly refusing to fall out. He wiggled it and pushed it and tried to twist it, but it couldn’t move much because of the adult tooth growing in behind it. The only place for it to go was out — as in sticking straight out — and from a distance it looked like he’d already lost it.

“Oh, you’ve lost your front tooth!” neighbours and friends and strangers would exclaim at his gappy smile.

“No,” we’d reply. “It just looks that way.”

Whenever he smiled or spoke, I was grossed out by the jutting-out tooth. He looked like one of those cartoon characters who gets punched in the mouth and grins with a mouthful of crooked, falling out piano keys. It was so tempting to just reach over and …

“Mmmmphh!” he’d shriek, his lips pressed together tightly and his little shoulders shaking with laughter.

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When your child's wiggly tooth drives you CRAZY {Heather's Handmade Life}

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