DIY stair organizer

When you walk in our front door, our stairs are to your immediate right. The carpet is builder-grade and I want to replace it — that’s a discussion for another day — but there was an even bigger eyesore: the “piles.”

Every time I picked up something that belonged on the top level, I’d stack it on one of the stairs near the bottom. You never knew what you’d see on those stairs: clean clothes, toys, books, hair accessories. The idea, of course, was that when the next person went up the stairs, they’d snag the items that needed to go up, too.

I’ll pause here while you laugh, because OF COURSE I was the only one who picked up the items and carried them upstairs on my next trip. The rest of my family members? They’d run up and down the stairs all day and not seem to notice the growing heaps.

The stairs constantly looked terrible, so I considered different options for a while. Baskets to sit on the lower steps? I looked at special stair baskets shaped to hug the stairs, but they were expensive. Maybe I’d build something similar out of wood? Nothing seemed like the ideal solution.

It was around this time that I’d stuck our old wooden produce stand down in the basement. It had sat empty for a while in the kitchen. Not because we stopped eating fruits and vegetables, but because we’d stopped storing them there.

(Our kids became obsessed with the idea of putting apples and bananas in a fruit bowl “like in books and on TV,” and we were worried our curious pup might try to eat the potatoes and onions in the lowest bin.)

I’d thought I might repaint the stand and use it for Barbie clothes storage in our daughter’s room, but then decided it could be a makeshift stair organizer …

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