Summer BINGO with 100 activities for kids { Free download }

The trouble with summer vacation is that you can save a ton of great ideas in Pinterest, with the best intentions, and suddenly it’s Labour Day weekend and you’re feeling guilty about everything you didn’t get around to doing.

Summer gets BUSY! There are vacations and day-trips and everyone’s schedule is thrown out of whack, especially if you’re trying to juggle work and kid-wrangling without losing your job and/or children.

I decided that our family needed the old-fashioned version of a Pinterest board: a piece of paper on the kitchen bulletin board. Something we could ALL see, so we’d be able to squeeze in lots of different summer activities instead of getting bored with the same old stuff.

So using a basic table in Google Slides, I put together a Bingo board with 100 different activities the kids and I will attempt this summer. One hundred sounds ambitious, doesn’t it? Clearly “ice cream for dinner” is happening — several times.

We’re going to hit up all of the local playgrounds and pools, take advantage of fun only-in-the-summer activities like parades and outdoor concerts, and cram in lots of backyard fun with sprinklers, wading pools and water balloons.

The list also includes indoor activities, since I’m a major Indoor Girl. We’ll do science experiments and baking, make our own storybook, build a LEGO city, and other things that don’t involve sunscreen, hats and a sweaty mama.

Over the summer, we’ll tackle the Bingo board and see if we can mark out all 100 items. I’ll even get a Bingo dauber for the occasion, which is sure to delight and stain the children on a daily basis. Wait, make that TWO daubers to limit the squabbling. (Each square will undoubtedly have two daubs in it, one per kid.)

Continue reading the full list of 100 summer activities for kids over in my weekly parenting column, The Mom Scene …

… or click below to download your own Bingo cards!

Customize the editable version in Google Docs

Download/print a blank version to fill in yourselves

Download/print our family’s version

Pin these boards for later!

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