Six backyard projects to try this weekend

I don’t know about you guys, but I get a little crazy (crazier than usual) during this time of year because I want to turn our house’s curb appeal knob up to 10.

I am DYING to touch up the stain and paint on our front porch (and the deck, ughhhh the deck) that has chipped and flaked off during the winter months. I think it’s finally (maybe? hopefully?) warm enough that frost won’t be an issue. Fingers crossed I can start attempting it this weekend.

What about your house? Looking for a fun weekend project that will spruce up your yard? Here’s a quick list of ideas from my DIY project archives …

1. Build your own wooden seesaw.

We LOVE ours and the kids still use it almost daily. It’s a big hit with the neighbourhood kids, too.

DIY wooden seesaw tutorial

2. Freshen up your picnic table.

Ours is looking pretty bad right now, so this is on my list again this weekend.

Painted picnic table

3. Recover your faded patio furniture cushions.

This pin is white-hot on Pinterest right now. I guess there’s a lot of yucky cushions out there in need of a little TLC!

Recover patio furniture cushions

4. Add a slide to your deck.

Strangely, our slide fell off the house over the winter — after staying firmly in place for YEARS. No idea what happened, but we need to put it back up because the kids love it.

DIY deck slide

5. Make your own water blob.

Might not be warm enough yet for this, but you never know in Nova Scotia. We loved this water blob and plan to make another this summer once we’ve bought the tarps.

DIY water blob

6. DIY a custom signpost.

I love the fun backyard decor I made recently for our friends’ new house. I might make one for us, too!

DIY signpost

Let me know if you try any of these projects this weekend!


6 Comments on “Six backyard projects to try this weekend

    • Haha can you imagine putting one of these on the Common? Amazing!


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