50 thoughts heading into dance recital weekend

  1. Will these tights look dirty on stage?
  2. Nah, the lights are bright.
  3. Bright lights are like the theatre version of an Instagram filter.
  4. I hope the bun looks good.
  5. I think I made it too high last time.
  6. Where *is* the crown of a head, exactly? The top? The back?
  7. Augh! I love my precious little ballerina so much!
  8. Shoot! Do I need to steam the costume?
  9. I think it’s OK.
  10. I don’t dare iron it — I’d probably melt it.
  11. How many hairnets do we have left?
  12. Hairnets are weird. They look like a dust bunny.
  13. What colour is my daughter’s hair, really?
  14. Dirty blonde sounds too grown-up for a five-year-old. Light brown? Hmm.
  15. “OMG I can’t wait to see you on stage!”
  16. “You’re going to be SO PERFECT UP THERE!” *kiss*
  17. SNACKS! She needs to bring snacks for backstage!
  18. They have to be healthy.
  19. I totally didn’t send a snack last time. #badmom
  20. So, OK, a healthy snack.
  21. And a water bottle.
  22. And some kind of activity to do backstage?
  23. Didn’t send one of those last time, either. Whoops.
  24. Definitely not markers. She’ll get it all over her tights.
  25. Oh God, I’d die if she came out all covered in marker.
  26. What kind of activity is quiet and doesn’t involve colouring?
  27. Should I send the UNO cards?
  28. She’s certainly obsessed with that game. She might lose it.
  29. No, she’ll definitely lose it.
  30. Better send something from the Dollar Store.
  31. “… and we’ll see your FRIENDS on stage, too! Oooh, you’re all going to look SO CUTE!”
  33. Never mind, I have some.
  34. Oh, I didn’t like it as much as the stuff from last year, though.
  35. Should I wash her hair after the rehearsal tonight?
  36. If I don’t, will it be too crunchy to work with tomorrow?
  37. What did I do last year? I can’t remember.
  38. Speaking of baths, I need to scrub those band-aid marks off her arms.
  39. Maybe I’ll use nail polish remover. Then I won’t have to scrub as hard.
  40. Oh right, she needs makeup, too.
  41. I love how she looks in mascara.
  42. I wish I had eyelashes like that.
  43. Better darken her eyebrows, too.
  44. “Eeeeek, I’m getting so excited!”
  45. If she puts a hole in these tights right now, I’m gonna lose it.
  46. One more day and then it doesn’t matter if the tights get ripped.
  47. Just ONE DAY, Tights. Keep it together until noon on Saturday!
  48. Don’t forget the flowers!
  49. I can’t wait to see her twirling around up there.
  50. God, I love Dance Recital Weekend.

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