Easy DIY card holders for kids

We’ve been playing a lot of UNO lately, and I’ve been meaning to share the DIY contraption that’s been making it soooo much easier: a wooden card-holder.
Before I made these, let’s just say people were leaning their cards against anything they could find — or just spreading their cards on the table for everyone to see — and it wasn’t exactly working.
When we were kids, my sister had some kind of plastic circle to hold her Go Fish cards. But I thought an oversized Scrabble tile-holder would do the trick. Lord knows we always have lots of wood around here. 
Want to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need …
Best birthday present EVER
2. A drill/driver (and a couple of screws)
This girl does everything.
3. Scraps of wood! 
My wood pile is in constant need of tidying
4. Acrylic paint (optional)

Using “Mommy’s paint” is a treat for my kids AND it keeps them busy/happy, so I definitely wanted to paint ours.
I started by cutting my main pieces — a “back” roughly the size of a hand of cards, and a smaller piece for the ledge — for each card holder. 

Then I pre-drilled little holes along the bottom of the back pieces, since this wood splits easily.

I used 1″ screws and screwed them through the back of the big pieces, straight into their little ledges to connect them. Now I had L-shaped contraptions, but they couldn’t stand up on their own yet. (They’re leaning against something in this picture.)

Now I’m JUST starting to play around with cutting on an angle, and it was especially fun for this project because it didn’t matter WHAT kind of angle I cut — anything that propped up the card-holders would work.

I grabbed a scrap piece of 2×2 (nice and chunky), cut it into four little pieces, clicked my saw over to a 45-degree angle, and nipped one end off each piece.

Then I just positioned the angled doodads (as I started calling them in my head) against the back of the card-holders and screwed into them from the front. It didn’t matter where they were, exactly, as long as they lined up.

(Yes, this lumber was once used for something in my daughter’s room. Hence the crayon and stickers.)

It took less than 10 minutes to cut and assemble these card-holders (while the kids were having breakfast one morning), and then I covered the kitchen table and let them go wild with the paints.

C picked pretty pastels and mixed them together, and it was looking really dreamy and etherial. Then she painted her brother’s name on hers, for reasons I couldn’t quite understand.

D was very intentional about painting some kind of Power Rangers logo involving two snakes. I got a long explanation.

They dried overnight (very. drippy. paint. jobs.) and were ready to roll the next day. They made our UNO games so much easier, and now I’m wondering why I’m stuck holding my own cards like some kind of sucker? Maybe I need my own?

Also, word of advice: teach your kids how to deal, and then they can plan UNO by themselves once you’ve had enough. 
It’s like that wise old adage: “Give your kids an UNO game, and they’re happy for 10 minutes. Teach your kids to play UNO without you and they’ll leave you alone for an hour.”
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