The girl at the art show

There was a call for submissions for an art show.
It was the first post I’ve seen like this, and I decided — on a whim — that yeah, OK, I would paint something. I would give it a try.
The theme was “escape,” and we were encouraged to submit paintings that would make people feel warm (during a cold Canadian February).
I painted two pieces.
I entered them.
And this one (of a sunset at Advocate Harbour) was selected for the show.

So now my painting is part of a real art show — up for sale with REAL DOLLARS — and it’s awesome.

It’s real.

My grandmother was an incredible oil-painter. She taught me when I was little, but I hadn’t done any oils without her help until last year.

Seeing my painting next to the fabulous other entries is really intimidating. THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD! I’m not at “good” yet, but maybe I will be someday.

But it’s there, hanging on the wall of a super-cool spot downtown. I drank hot chocolate sitting below it, and stole bites of D’s cinnamon bun.

I tried not to take too many pictures of it and look like a weirdo. But, hey, I was proud.

And so is this guy.

Remember my art desk from this office tour back in 2013? It’s been sitting in a closet, collapsed, for a couple of years now.

But this weekend I’m going to set it up again.

Hey, old friend.

I have some painting to do.

So what do you think?

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